Solutions for Automotive

For the automotive market the solution of SEMD free wiring harness checking is a very special application.

Instead of conventional wiring technique for testing wireless radio sensors a press of a button generates enough energy to determine if the individual components are properly attached to the cable harness.

A key advantage is that the complex cabling which is usually on the back of the mounting board does not apply!

The cable harness production often provides several hundred devices to be controlled per control board. Each connection between test unit and plug-in card an electrical connection must exist and changes to rebuilt it are very costly.

The use of wireless radio sensors of test units are not only more flexible but also more transparent. The individual test components are easily replaceable without having to change the whole fixture. The system is integrated into PC-based network servers and operate with conventional technology.

A wiring harness manufacturer can reduce the use of free wiring harness considerably not only by checking its production time but also the production costs. In practical use it shows a reduction in the first assembly time by 40%. In addition the time savings come in later amendments.

The unique solutions were shared and optimized with a world-leading system and developing supplier for wire, cable and wiring systems of the automotive industry.